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Hi There!

  My name is Diana, and...  I call myself The Dummy Cook.

   I'm originally from Spain and came to live in the United States when I was 23 (let's just say that I have been here longer than I was in Spain, you do the math, LOL). I'm married, we have 2 teenage daughters and we live in Las Vegas.

   For 20 years, my life as a business owner consisted of working 10-12 hours days, 6 to 7 days a week. I didn't have time to cook or do anything in the house so my mom moved with us in order to take care of our daughters. I was eating out every day and I could not afford great choices so... yes! I know the menu from Taco Bell, Panda Express, In & Out, Pollo Loco, Roberto's... as if I wrote it myself. My kids had grandma's cooking (and we did during the weekend) but they also indulged in "mommy's delicacies" ;)

   On May 2021, my mom moved back to Spain and the joke around the house was: "Mom! What are you going to cook now?". I had decided to work from home so I had a little more time, I was planning on learning...  when we went to Miami to visit a friend and she told us about her Thermomix! She was just a Thermomix owner, not a consultant, but most Thermomix owners speak wonders about it anyway.

   I researched it and I could not believe that Thermomix had been really famous in Europe for more than 50 years! It got really big in Spain after I left so that's why I didn't know about it but when I called my friends to ask: almost all of them had one! 

   I bought my Thermomix in August 2021 and it has changed my life! I am eating gourmet meals EVERY DAY! I'm constantly having amazing dinner dates with my husband, and my girls love that I can make their favorite meals at home. By cooking from scratch I'm eating healthier than ever, I'm losing weight without even trying, and I'm saving a lot on groceries. By being able to cook anything I want, I have become more social! I invite friends over all the time, I cook great dishes for a potluck, pies for a sick friend, etc. Cooking actually relaxes me (who am I?? and what have I done with Diana??). I cannot recommend it enough, for both people that cannot cook and for people that can.


Please browse around my website to learn a whole lot more about it, and please contact me if you'd like to get an online demo.

Thank you!!

Diana, The Dummy Cook.

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