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Everything you wanted to know about the Thermomix

Let's dive into each mode, the history, the benefits, the different solutions it provides, the process of buying a Thermomix, and the support behind it.

A Thermomix is an all-in-one kitchen appliance with a screen that guides you through the recipes. It also has an app that contains more delicious recipes than you can make in a lifetime, it organizes your favorite meals, creates your shopping list and even sends it to your supermarket's website.
Thermomix is the future of cooking! We used to have rotary phones and now we have smart phones, we used to wash our clothes by hand and now you cannot imagine not owning a washing machine.
It's already a staple in European and Australian kitchens, my prediction is that it will be a must in US by 2025.
Can't cook for your life?
(awww, you are also a Dummy Cook?)
Thermomix will be your magic feather!   :))
Are you a great chef? Then Thermomix will be your best tool and you'll appreciate the huge difference it makes in the process.

Thermomix modes


Cook / Sauté

Two similar modes: Thermomix knows how much heat it needs to apply in each step. A bit of oil and onion, start the sauté function and your house smells amazing in a couple minutes!


Chop / Mince / Crush

Chop onions without crying, shred chicken in 4 seconds, crush ice like it was water... no job is too big or too small for the Thermomix powerful blades.


Grate / Mill

Grab a dry mixing bowl, add sugar, grate for 15 seconds at speed 10 and you'll see how it turns into confectioners' sugar! Kids love the "sugar smoke" that comes out of it.



Every pizza joint needs a Thermomix!

Just 6 ingredients and 3 minutes will get you a perfect pizza dough. You can also make your own bread, baguette, burger buns, breadsticks, you name it!


Whisk / Whip

With the help of the butterfly (included) you'll be able to whisk egg yolks (for example) or whip egg whites into a meringue or an ice cream.



Chefs love this feature of the Thermomix: 10 minutes of the "thicken" mode will get you a hands-free recipe of Hollandaise Sauce worthy of 5 star restaurants.



Make your own salad dressings and mayonnaise. Place the measuring cup into position, pour the oil onto the mixing bowl lid and let it drizzle down into the bowl with the rest of the ingredients. 



Use the varoma attachment (included) to steam veggies, fish, chicken, eggs, flan, dumplings, cakes... 
Steaming preserves more flavor and nutrients, lowers cholesterol, and makes a healthier lifestyle.


Mix / Blend / Stir

Perfect mashed potato texture, easy cake batter, effortless risottos...
The state-of-the-art Thermomix blades are sharp on one side (for chopping) and dull on the other: for stirring so you don't have to  ;) 

Thermomix also has modes and/or attachments for...


Weighing ingredients

One of the favorite features: weigh your ingredients as you enter them into the bowl!

(Can be used in ounces and grams)


Slow Cooking

Prepare the ingredients, and relax while Thermomix cooks for you.

Blade cover needed (not included)


Self Cleaning

Done cooking for the day? Add water and a drop of detergent and let the bowl wash itself!


Sous Vide

Sous Vide is the hype now and you can do it with Thermomix. You'll need a blade cover and vacuum bags.
(both not included)



Caramelize onions, chicken, apples, and much more with the caramelizing mode.

download (1).jpeg

Peeling Veggies

One of the newest attachments is the peeler. Peel potatoes inside the bowl in 4 minutes!

Blade cover peeler needed (not included)



Make your own yogurt, your own soft cheese, or proof your dough with the Thermomix fermentation mode.



Get precise control over the final temperature of heated water. Great for hot drinks, baby bottles, pasta... 


Coming soon: Slicing

The new cutter is coming soon, we cannot wait for this attachment that will make cute little slices of everything  :)


With all these modes...

say goodbye to most of your kitchen appliances!


Thermomix is more than 50 years old

It started in Germany...

Continued all over Europe...

... and Australia and parts of Asia...

In 2016 it 
came to the US!

Who Needs a Thermomix?

Different personalities, different needs, different solutions


And the list goes on and on...

A Thermomix is great gift:

  • Executive employee gift

  • Wedding gift

  • New home gift

  • Etc.

Ans it's a great tool for:

  • Party hosts

  • Home bakers

  • Home daycares

  • Etc.

What comes with a Thermomix?

This is a very common question: will I get everything I need? Or will I need to buy more items later on?

The answer is: you get everything you need. There are only a few optional components that you might want to get in the future like the blade cover for slow cooking, or the blade-cover-peeler to peel potatoes.

What's Cookidoo? Do I need it?

Cookidoo is the app that works on your phone, your desktop, and the Thermomix screen, it's all connected. When you decide to cook a recipe on your phone, the recipe is waiting for you on the screen of the Thermomix and all you have to do is follow the steps.

Cookidoo has more than 80,000 recipes in it, in 21 languages!
A Thermomix purchase includes 6 months of Cookidoo, after that it's only $55/year.

You can cancel your subscription and only use the manual modes, that's an option as well.


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I'll cook a few recipes with you and I'll answer all your questions.

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Do it! Do it!

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