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You just received your Thermomix?
Yayyyyyy!!  We are here to help  :)

Initial Checklist

  • Open the box

  • VERY IMPORTANT: Choose a spot in your kitchen that's...

    • away from a heat source

    • on a flat surface

    • not under a kitchen cabinet (the steam can damage the cabinets overtime)

    • not too close to the edge of the countertop

  • Please NEVER drag the Thermomix (not to damage the scales)
    Please lift with both hands (use the top handle and base) and choose where it should go​

  • Plug it in

Follow the Steps on the Screen

  • Choose US for country.

  • Choose your preferred default language (you'll be able to find recipes in many languages but you are now choosing the default language for the Thermomix operating menus).

  • Connect to your home Wifi (find your network and enter your password).

  • If not done yet: Go online (on your phone or computer) to 
    and create a Cookidoo account. If you need help understanding Cookidoo please watch my Cookidoo tutorial (in the video section).
    Once done, you can log in with your account when prompted by the Thermomix screen, and you can also download the app on your phone.


  • Download all the software updates available​ (could be 15-20 minutes).

  • Wash bowl and accessories. When washing the bowl to continue cooking, try to keep the bottom dry so the prongs can be plugged back in. Once done cooking, they can get wet or go in the dishwasher.

And now you are ready to start cooking!  :))

Please choose at least one basic recipe first
to get used to the Thermomix

Here are some ideas

(click on the item to go to Cookidoo)

Those were very easy, right?
OK, now you can can go for the next step  ;)

 these ones will need some of the attachments that came with the Thermomix (the varoma, the butterfly...)
or they might need other kitchen items (like parchment paper, a baking pan or the oven)

Here are some ideas
(click on the item to go to Cookidoo)

Tried a few of those recipes?
Then you are a Thermomix graduate! ;)
You can start making Paellas and Lobster Bisque!

A few more tips:

Taking care of your Thermomix:

  • Never unplug the Thermomix until it's completely off (like you would with a computer).

  • When adding ingredients, please don't tap/bang on the bowl with the spoon or spatula... the scales will thank you  ;)

  • After cooking meats or sticky recipes, you'll want to disassemble the mixing bowl in order to wash the bottom and the blades thoroughly. A straw cleaner will come in handy for this.

Taking care of yourself:

  • Don't touch the bowl while it's cooking and the lights are red (it means the bowl is hot).

  • When using the varoma, always open the lid AWAY from your face.

  • Please read all the safety instructions.

A few basic tips:

  • You can stop the motor at any time by just pressing the knob.

  • You can go back in any step and add more time or make a change.

  • When adding ingredients, always make sure the scale is set at 0 .
    If it was 0 and then you removed the lid, the weight will be a negative number and you'll need to zero it out by pressing "Tare".

  • When adding ingredients, please don't let anything lean on the border of the bowl or... the scale will count that extra weight as well (would you want someone leaning on you when you weigh yourself in the morning? LOL).

  • When adding parchment paper to the varoma, always make sure the side holes are unobstructed or the steam will not reach the varoma dish or tray properly.

  • When cooking pasta you'll need to choose the time shown in the pasta package: click on the time circle, turn the knob to select the time, and then click on the speed circle again to continue.

  • Recommended: open Cookidoo, go to Settings, Default Filters, and add ALL countries of origin so you can see TONS more recipes that are in English but are not necessarily from the US.

  • Enjoy, enjoy, enjoy! Try recipes from other countries, try ingredients you never heard about, have FUN!! and... don't keep the secret! Call your consultant and host a party for your friends! :)

That's all for today :)
We hope you enjoy Thermomix and Cookidoo
and... please let us know if you have any questions.

You can contact your consultant directly, or you can ask me any questions:

Thank you very much! Diana - The Dummy Cook

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